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This Is China. The Internship Company.

Go For a Summer Internship In China!

For over a decade China has been the primary destination for international young professionals who want to take their careers to the next level, TIC TWO’s tailored internship programmes are specifically designed to help people to do just this. From start-ups to corporates across a wide range of industries, and with language, culture and career development courses designed to compliment, TIC TWO’s China Internship Program encompass all that China has to offer.

When the rest of the world suffered the backlash caused by the recent economic downturn, China prospered. China, especially Shanghai, is absorbing a large quantity of western businesses, and is fast developing as the primary career destination for young professionals. A summer internship in China can give you not only the best of professional job training, but also exposure to the best international companies.

TIC TWO’s Summer Internship Program in China Helps You Build A Career

Our partner companies form the top layer of corporate organizations in China. They are best positioned to offer you maximum exposure, valuable working experience and the ideal learning platform. They make it possible for you to pick up the vital skills you need to survive and succeed in the global business arena in China.

It is through our partnerships with some of the world’s best known companies that we are able to provide a platform for you to learn how global companies operate. Our partnerships with small-midsized companies allow us to give the entrepreneurs on our program the understanding of how businesses work, helping you to eventually set up your own. These two vital kinds of exposure and training help you prepare to work at any size company and make an impact, irrespective of the company’s size.

Whether your goal is to develop and expand your international professional network, gain proficiency in business Mandarin, or to acquire crucial first-hand experience of how business is done in China, you can expect your time here to very quickly turn into an invaluable stepping stone to your future career.

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